Welcome to my world

Hi... my name is Alison and I’m the creator of Native Needle.

As a professional artist, I have always enjoyed exploring colour, composition and texture in a variety of media.

But when I discovered the magical transformation from wool fibres to felt, I was utterly hooked.

So I invite you to come into my world and have a look at my collections of individually designed and created hand-felted accessories.

My Studio

I love my work space. I do most of my creating in a lovely room that’s blessed with lots of natural light. Just stepping into it every morning gives me a buzz, as I see possibilities all around me.

Piles of luscious fabrics. Bags of soft, inviting wool. An empty table. An idea begins to take shape and I start picking out colours without conscious thought. Very soon I’m happily lost in what I love doing.

Inspiration presents itself in so many ways every day. Having a thriving backyard with lots of growing things, never fails to inspire me. Unexpected colour combinations, interesting shapes and unusual juxtapositions are all great at sparking ideas.

Doodling is another fun way to arrive at seriously good designs. My trusty sketch book is never too far away, and I dip into it often.

Wherever I may be… out walking, at the beach, at the shops, or travelling, there’s always an idea lurking around the corner. The downside of this is that I then can’t wait to try it out in wool!

I certainly see a connection between where I am in my life’s journey and the kind of work I create at any point in time. I suppose it’s the way with most artists… our lives and art play out in harmony.

And after completing each piece, it is with great satisfaction that I look forward to offering it to you. In the hope that it brings you as much pleasure in wearing it, as I had in bringing it to life.